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For those just starting to play cribbage or for those teaching a new player you may find the basic scoring of cribbage to be a little confusing. When I started out my grandfather scribbled notes about the basic cribbage scoring hands on a small piece of paper. I carried this in my pocket and referenced it often... until it was barely legible... and by then I didn't need it any more.

I've done my best to recreate those notes here as a "cribbage scoring aid." You can download a PDF of this cribbage cheat sheet for your own use. I've also added crop marks on the cribbage scoring aid to make it easy to cut out and tape to a playing card for easy reference... and hopefully help you preserve the scoring aid for a little longer than my grandfathers scribbled notes.

Note, this scoring aid is for traditional cribbage. I've also included a scoring aid within CrossCribb specific to the CrossCribb game.

PDF of the Cribbage Scoring Aid

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